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    高考英语优秀作文:Autumn in Countryside

    发布时间:2020-09-17 08:46

    高考英语优秀作文:Autumn in Countryside

    The weather is getting colder. The sunlight is no longer so strong and the cicadas have stopped crying. The hot summer went by at last. The favorite season in the year is coming.

    Everywhere we can see the scene of bumper crops: on the fields is golden rice,on the trees are ripe fruits. The farmers faces are full of smiles. They are now expecting a good harvest through a summer's hard work.

    The autumn evening is especially beautiful. When the setting sun goes slowly down to the west, the sky over the mountains is covered with red rays of evening sunlight, which shines upon the blue sky and floating clouds, just as the maple leaves fall onto the sky.

    It is getting cool at dusk. The wind blows, the moonlight shines on the ground,the frogs croak and insects chirp in the fields. Such a situation will make you forget all the unhappy things in the daytime.

    I love the beautiful season.







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