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    梨作文|梨 英语作文

    发布时间:2020-09-30 19:10

    梨是大家非常熟悉的一种水果,我今天就为大家介绍下梨。Pear is a very familiar fruit. I will introduce pear to you today.梨都种在南方,它的颜色很少,有绿色、黄色和褐色,一般成熟的梨子都是黄色,表皮有许多小点点。梨的肉是白色的,核是淡橙色的。Pears are planted in the south, with few colors, such as green, yellow and brown. Generally, mature pears are yellow, with many small spots on the surface. The flesh of the pear is white and the core is light orange.梨的形状有些像球、有些像葫芦。到了丰收的季节习惯作文,梨子一大个一大个地挂在绿叶底下,可好看了。Some pears are shaped like balls and some like gourds. In the harvest season, pears hang under the green leaves one by one, which is very beautiful.梨的肉很甜习惯作文,心靠近核的部分有点点酸。梨炖冰糖还有止咳的功效呢!The flesh of the pear is sweet, and the part of the heart near the core is a little sour. Pear stewed ice sugar has the effect of relieving cough!我越来越喜欢梨了!最后提醒大家:在吃梨的时候小学作文,千万别忘记孔融让梨的故事哟!I like pears more and more! Finally remind everyone: when eating pears, don\t forget the story of Kong Rong letting pears!
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