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    我和妈妈签协议作文|我和妈妈签协议 英语作文

    发布时间:2020-10-02 19:11

    学期里,我给自己拟定了一个《新学期 新目标》,经过一段时间的努力和学习,自认为是进步了,可是离目标还有一段距离。妈妈为了我能更好的达到目标和促进我对学习的欲望,说要和我签个协议,我也不知道什么叫协议”,随口就答应了。我们母女两绞尽脑汁的起草协议”,花了近一个多小时,终于确定协议内容如下:It took our mother and daughter more than an hour to work out the "agreement", and finally it was determined as follows:甲方: 赵启围 (妈妈) 乙方:张明星 (女儿)经双方友好协商,最终自愿达成以下协议:After friendly negotiation, the two parties finally reach the following agreement voluntarily:一、乙方每天放学回家后要尽快并保质保量完成老师布置所有的作业。晚饭前后为自由活动时间,看课外书、看动画片、浏览学校的博客网等。晚饭后甲方必须抽出时间给乙方检查作业并签字。1、 Party B shall finish all the assignments assigned by the teacher as soon as possible and with good quality and quantity after returning home from school every day. Before and after dinner for free time, watching extracurricular books, watching cartoons, browsing the school\s blog, etc. After dinner, party a must make time for Party B to check the operation and sign.二、乙方有时要是犯点错误和有不良习惯时,甲方要用讲事实、摆道理的方式进行沟通,不能大呼小叫的训斥和打骂乙方,更不能用家长的身份来镇压乙方。(如:你必须要怎么样 或我是你妈,我说怎么样就怎么样)三、写完老师布置的作业后小学作文我的同学,乙方每天预习,复习功课的时间不能少于20分钟,每天阅读课外书30分钟。周末时间自行安排。(完成作业的前提下) 每天作业认真并正确,甲方奖励乙方看电视20分钟。四、乙方早上起床后,听英语录音带10分钟,认真检查一天要带的课本和作业,以防遗漏,自己整理房间被子,快速洗漱吃早饭。晚上9:00以前要准时睡觉。周五、周六可以延长看电视时间并同甲方睡大床。4、 After getting up in the morning, Party B shall listen to the English tape for 10 minutes, carefully check the textbooks and homework to be taken in the day, so as to avoid omission. Party B shall arrange the quilt in the room and wash and eat breakfast quickly. Go to bed on time before 9:00 p.m. On Friday and Saturday, the TV watching time can be extended and Party A can sleep in a big bed.五、乙方在复习功课或写作业时,甲方不得看电视、听音乐或大声讲话,以防影响乙方的学习注意力。5、 Party A shall not watch TV, listen to music or speak loudly when Party B reviews his lessons or does his homework, so as not to affect Party B\s study attention.甲乙双方必须自觉遵守以上5条规则高中作文小学作文我的同学,如有违规者,另加5条规则作为处罚。Party A and Party B must consciously abide by the above five rules. In case of any violation, another five rules shall be added as punishment.学期结束本协议自行解除。At the end of the term, this Agreement shall be terminated automatically
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