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    参观鸟类科普展览作文|参观鸟类科普展览 英语作文

    发布时间:2020-10-04 19:10

    今天我万分高兴地去参观鸟类科普展览。Today, I am very happy to visit the bird science exhibition.当我走进展览馆时,第一眼就看见一只乌黑乌黑的八哥”唱着动人的歌声植树节的作文,好像在说:欢迎你小朋友!”When I walked into the exhibition hall, I saw a black and black "starling" singing a moving song, as if to say: "welcome to your children!"接着就看见了猫头鹰,绿孔雀、啄木鸟、虎皮鹦鹉、调皮的杜鹃……还有鼠狼、刺猬、麂子、小山羊、小野猪、小老虎……这些标栩栩如生。还有千姿百态的彩蝶标本分类作文,还有古古怪怪的海星贝壳像燕子、小猪、小山羊……特别是七彩龙虾植树节的作文,引人注目美丽极了!我看得眼花缭乱。Then I saw owls, green peacocks, woodpeckers, Hupi parrots, naughty cuckoos There are weasels, hedgehogs, muntjacs, goats, boars, tigers These specimens are lifelike. There are also colorful butterfly specimens in various shapes, as well as the ancient strange starfish shells like swallows, pigs, goats Especially the colorful lobster, which is very attractive and beautiful! I
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