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    我喜欢小制作作文|我喜欢小制作 英语作文

    发布时间:2020-10-09 19:10

    我喜欢动手做一些小东西。今天就说一说我与妈妈合作的布艺画吧。I like to make small things by hand. Today, let\s talk about the fabric painting I cooperated with my mother.首先我和妈妈在电脑上选好了一枝郁金香的图案,妈妈找来红色和绿色的绒布,我找来胶水、剪刀、硬纸壳、吹塑纸,材料都准备齐了。妈妈在纸上画出郁金香的图案,我把图案剪下来高中作文感动,按在纸壳上描出线,然后把纸壳上的图案分别剪下来。把纸壳涂上胶水,粘在布上高中作文感动,然后按纸壳的形状把布剪下来,但是布要比纸壳大一些,把边包上高中作文感动,纸壳不能露出来。看着挺简单的,实际动手做就不容易了,要不怎么说看花容易,绣花难”呢。First of all, my mother and I chose a tulip design on the computer. My mother found red and green flannelette, and I found glue, scissors, cardboard case and blow molding paper. All the materials are ready. My mother drew tulip patterns on the paper. I cut them out, traced them out on the paper shell, and then cut the patterns on the paper shell separately. Apply glue to the paper case, stick it to the cloth, and then cut the cloth according to the shape of the paper case, but the cloth is larger than the paper case. Wrap the edge, and the paper case cannot be exposed. It\s very simple to watch. It\s not easy to do it by hand. Otherwise, it\s hard to say "it\s easy to see flowers, but it\s hard to embroider".妈妈把一片片的花瓣和花叶包好,拼起来,粘在纸上。啊!一枝郁金香跃然纸上,红色的花瓣,墨绿色的叶子高中作文,可以说栩栩如生。我和妈妈把四周用吹塑纸装饰一翻,更漂亮了。我又给它起了名字郁满芬芳”。Mother wrapped the petals and leaves, put them together, and stuck them on the paper. Ah! A tulip on paper, red petals, dark green leaves, can be said to be lifelike. My mother and I decorated the surroundings with blow molding paper. It\s more beautiful. I gave it the name "full of fragrance".我和妈妈对击一掌,成功!My mother and I hit each other, success!
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