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    小金鱼作文|小金鱼 英语作文

    发布时间:2020-10-09 19:10

    我曾养过九条小金鱼。有七条橙黄的、一条金黄的和一条红头白身的。其中红头白身的鱼游地最快,每次游泳比赛它都是一马当先”了。I once raised nine little goldfish. There are seven orange, one golden and one red and white. Among them, the red head and white body fish swim the fastest. Every time they swim, they are the first.小金鱼喜欢吃鱼食。记得有一次,我放了四粒鱼食。就来观察小金鱼是怎样吃食物的。只见它们争先恐后地游上去,大口大口地吃起来。吃完了,又慢慢地游下去。Little goldfish like to eat fish. I remember once, I put four fish food. Let\s see how little goldfish eat. Only to see them rush to swim up and eat. Finish eating, and then slowly swim down.小金鱼的胆子很大。有一次,我用手弹鱼缸,金鱼还是优闲地游来游去。一天晚上,我们家跑进来了一只老鼠爸爸边拿着拖把边追着老鼠,还大声叫:快帮我打死这只老鼠!”小金鱼好像听见了名胜古迹的作文,忙用尾巴泼水,泼到了老鼠身上。这时,老鼠觉得有点儿重,也就被爸爸打死了。The little goldfish has a lot of guts. Once, I used my hand to play the fish tank, and the goldfish swam around leisurely. One night, our family ran in with a mouse father chasing the mouse with a mop. He shouted: "help me to kill this mouse!" The little goldfish seemed to hear that. He splashed water on the mouse with his tail. At this time, the mouse felt a little heavy and was killed by his father.小金鱼睡觉很有趣,它们总是睁着眼睛。在我小的时候,我总是以为鱼不会睡觉。听到爸爸说鱼没有眼皮,我才搞得清二楚。Little goldfish sleep very interesting, they always open their eyes. When I was little, I always thought fish couldn\t sleep. When I heard Dad say that fish have no eyelids, I made it clear.我的小金鱼最怕打雷。有一天,打了一个响雷,小金鱼马上躲到我设计的胶杯洞里,找雨花石的食物来吃,生怕吃不饱被雷电打死。逗得我哈哈在笑!My little goldfish is most afraid of thunder. One day, after a thundering, the little goldfish immediately hid in the plastic cup hole designed by me, looking for the food of Yuhuashi to eat, for fear of being killed by thunder and lightning. Make me laugh!我爱我的小金鱼高中作文,它是一条有趣的小金鱼名胜古迹的作文,更是令我开心的小金鱼!I love my little goldfish, it\s an interesting little goldfish, but also make me happy little goldfish!
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