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    I have studied in my middle school for three years. I have learned a lot. I have learned not only how to make friends but also how to talk to others. I have many hobbies. I like sports. I often play basketball,football and volleyball with my friends. Football is my favorite. Of all my subjects,I do best in English and Chinese. But my math and physics are a little weak. I think I will try my best to learn them well. I hope I can study in No.1 High School。



    Dear parents,

    Words fail me when I want to express my thanks to you. You have taken good care of me since I was born.When I am in trouble,you always encourage me and cheer me up.Once I argued with my best friend and was upset,you talked with me the whole night and finally helped me solve the problem. With your help高中作文,I have become a good student.I am so thankful for your love that I will work harder and try to do better in the future。

    Best wishes。


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